"Maternal obesity establishes a suboptimal intrauterine environment, which ultimately contributes to the development of childhood obesity, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome."
-Schmatz et al. (2010)

Weight Management: Pregnancy and Postpartum

The Perinatal Weight Management Bundle

Starting Down the Road to My Healthier Weight
(Spanish version
- NEW)
This tool for women is a personal plan for managing weight during pregnancy and after childbirth.  It includes three categories - "What I will do," "How I will do it," and "What my provider recommends." With space for patient and provider signatures, it is intended to help get women and their providers on the same page with weight management.

Healthy Weight Gain in Pregnancy - What's Right for You? (English)
(Spanish version)

Designed with input from providers, women, and literacy experts, the tool helps women understand the amount of weight to gain in the context of their BMI and track weight gain during pregnancy.

Weight--What to say?
How can providers talk about weight with their pregnant patients? This provider tool uses the Ask/Advise/Assist framework. It provides useful suggestions about how to begin the discussion about how weight gain during pregnancy affects a mother and her baby.

"Fast Food" Cards
These pocket-sized cards outline the healthiest options at a variety of common fast-food chains and convenience or corner stores.

"Think About Your Drink" Infographic - NEW
This colorful poster illustrates smart drink choices, making it easy to see why water is the healthiest choice.  

"Think About Your Drink" Cards and Poster
These pocket-sized cards and poster illustrate smart drink choices, ranking them from the most healthy to the least healthy.  This piece encourages water as the healthiest choice. 

Mommies in Motion (English) (Spanish version)
Wait six weeks after having a baby to exercise? Not anymore! New recommendations are that women who had uncomplicated births and were active during their pregnancy can resume exercising a few days after birth. This new piece outlines the how-to's of physical activity for women who experienced both vaginal and Cesarean births.

Moving through Pregnancy (English) (Spanish version)
Exercise is healthy for most women experiencing a low-risk pregnancy and can help women stay within the Institute of Medicine (IOM) guidelines for healthy weight gain. This piece gives general guidelines for activities to try during each trimester.

Prescription for Healthy Weight for Women of Childbearing Age
Inspired by the Prescription for a Healthy Future, this tool integrates health messages related to nutrition and exercise that are important throughout a woman's life, including during the childbearing period. Each prescription contains a list of steps a woman can take to improve her overall health and reach or maintain a healthy weight.