"No matter what route, early delivery without medical indication leads to increased and avoidable risk for the baby."

Promoting birth after 39 weeks:
What We Are Doing

WAPC is educating providers and patients about the value of “coming to term” and how to care for the late preterm infant, defined as 34 0/7–36 6/7 weeks gestation.

WAPC hosted the Regional Forum Series, “Coming to Term—Promoting Delivery after 39 Weeks.” The series

  1. Described trends in elective deliveries before 39 weeks gestation.
  2. Identified maternal and neonatal risks of delivery prior to 39 weeks.
  3. Identified strategies effective in reducing elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks.
  4. Used data from PeriData.Net® and other sources to document change in percent of births prior to 39 weeks.

WAPC hosted the Regional Forum Series, “Caring for the Late Preterm Infant: What We Need to Know. “ The series:

  1. Identified adverse consequences of late preterm birth for mother and neonate.
  2. Identified interventions to reduce late-preterm births.
  3. Developed comprehensive pre- and post-discharge plans for infants and their families.

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