"Each man, woman, and couple should be encouraged to have a reproductive life plan."
-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Pre-pregnancy health: Becoming a Parent
- What We Are Doing

WAPC has a long history of promoting healthy perinatal outcomes through its preconception health initiatives. The Preconception and Prenatal Care Committee is charged with identifying and setting priorities to address preconception and prenatal health care needs and to create, implement, and evaluate strategies to meet those needs.

WAPC’s Role in Promoting Preconception Health Through the Years


  • WAPC Board creates Preconception Committee, expands to Preconception and Prenatal Care in 1992, and begins a formal consumer and provider educational campaign.


  • The original Becoming a Parent™ materials are released. These materials include a leaflet, booklet, checklist, and information packet.
  • Becoming a Parent™ Teacher’s Guide to Preconceptional Decision Making and Risk Assessment released. This guide provided assistance to teachers who wished to include the topic of preconception health in high school curriculum.
  • WAPC spearheads the Preconceptional Care Promotion Project, an intensive educational effort focused on providers, businesses, and consumers.


  • The provider resource guide to the Becoming a Parent™ Preconception Checklist is released.


  • Becoming a Parent™: Things to Think About video released
  • Becoming a Parent™ leaflet translated into Spanish
  • WAPC Preconceptional Care Position Statement released with updates in 2007 and 2012


  • Planning for Pregnancy series debuts. The materials in this series explore the impact of chronic disease on pregnancy and the impact of pregnancy on chronic disease.


  • The Becoming a Parent™ series is recognized as “Outstanding Public Information Program” for 2000 by the MCH Coalition.


  • WAPC Folic Acid Position Statement released.


  • WAPC develops Prescription for a Healthy Future™ campaign and materials to promote the integration ofpreconception health throughout the life course.


  • WAPC develops Planning for a Healthy Future: Algorithm for Providers Caring for Women of Childbearing Age to put into action the life course approach to women’s health.



Integrating Pre and Interconception Health into Primary Care
WAPC convened key stakeholders to help providers meet the challenge of integrating pre and interconception care into their existing models of care. WAPC worked with HMOs and primary and prenatal care providers in the southeast region of the state. This project demonstrated that simple tools can work to help systems work together. One such tool was a checklist that can be inserted into a patient’s chart. This checklist can also be integrated into an electronic health record.

Wisconsin’s Healthiest Women Initiative
WAPC is part of statewide initiative that developed a framework for pre and interconception health. Visit to learn more.

Perinatal Weight Management
WAPC continues to expand its efforts to create new ways to approach wellness and help women enter into pregnancy as healthy as possible. Learn more about WAPC’s Perinatal Weight Management Initiative.

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