"Identifying the specific level of care available at each hospital allows the sickest patients to make sure they are in the right place."

Perinatal levels of care: What You Can Do

WAPC invites all Wisconsin hospitals that provide perinatal care services to participate in the initiative by conducting a level of care self-assessment. Through the self-assessment, hospitals have the opportunity to self-identify the level of perinatal service they provide, based on criteria adapted from the AAP and approved by the WAPC Board of Directors.

A regionalized system of perinatal care with integrated delivery of services should address the care received by the mother before pregnancy and during pregnancy, the management of labor and delivery, postpartum care, and neonatal care. Guidelines for Perinatal Care, 7th Edition

The self-assessment survey gives facilities the opportunity to evaluate the breadth of perinatal services delivered and to identify strengths and weaknesses in the provision of perinatal care.

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