The vision of WAPC...
"A healthy baby born into a family prepared to nurture, love, and support."

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Action Agenda

Each year WAPC develops a set of activities to achieve in the coming year. The Board of Directors approves the Action Agenda and monitors it’s progress throughout the year.

Background Summary

WAPC background and summary of the organization.

Annual Reports

WAPC issues Annual Reports, which include its accomplishments and its financial status. To access archived reports, click on a link to view the desired reports:

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Callon-Leonard Award

The WAPC Callon-Leonard Award is the highest individual honor granted annually by WAPC in recognition of its founders, Helen F. Callon, RN, CNM, and Thomas A. Leonard, MD.The Callon-Leonard Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to perinatal care in the State of Wisconsin.

Nominate someone for this award. Nominations are due Ocober 1, 2018.

View past recipients of the Callon-Leonard Award.






Callon-Leonard Award nomination form.



Did you know?

WAPC values and engages the talented and diverse community of perinatal health care advocates.