"Every mother has a right to a safe and enjoyable pregnancy."

What we value

For the Perinatal Foundation to be the leading philanthropic organization promoting excellence in perinatal health care of women, babies, and families.


  • Secure new resources and provide stewardship of the endowment fund.
  • Conduct needs assessments, evaluate opportunities to make contributions to better perinatal health outcomes, and fund selected needs.
  • Partner with the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care and other organizations who share our goal of improving perinatal health.
  • Support dissemination of successful programmatic and educational models to advance perinatal health in the global community.


We value our founder, Thomas A. Leonard, MD, and his philosophy. He believed that:

  • Every mother has a right to a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.
  • Every baby should have the privilege of being born healthy and wanted.
  • Every family is entitled to develop to its fullest potential within our evolving society.


On December 10, 1984, the Board of Directors held its first meeting and Dr. Leonard was elected the first president of the Foundation. The fledgling organization filed articles of incorporation and bylaws early in 1985, and the new organization was officially launched as “The Perinatal Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc.,” subsequently amended to “The Perinatal Foundation, Inc.” In March 1988, Dr. Leonard died at the age of 91. His wife, Myrtle, passed away only four months earlier. The Perinatal Foundation did indeed become their legacy as this extraordinary couple bequeathed to it the residual of their estate. With their contribution, the endowment surpassed the $1 million mark.

We value our leadership
Perry A. Henderson, M.D., succeeded Dr. Leonard as president of the Board of Directors from 1988 to 2001.

Carol A. Browning, MD, became the Foundation’s third president in 2001.

Chris Van Mullem, MS, RNC, became the Foundation’s fourth president in 2012.



Did you know?

The Perinatal Foundation works collaboratively with the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care to promote and implement effective perinatal practices.